To Stand Out from Crowd

Siddheshwar Group is a group based in Pune. The group started its journey in the year 2011 with a sole motive of designing and manufacturing quality machined parts for variety of applications. Over the years, the group has carved out a niche for itself in quality production of various products in all domains. In a short span of ten years, the group has earned a reputation of being a pioneer in Engineering Services and Packaging Services.

The company consists of a team dedicated to Machining and Manufacturing of various automotive parts for various applications, such as automobiles,furniture hardware and special purpose industrial applications. With manufacturing capacity of one million machined parts every year, the company is in the process of growing further to increase its production capacity. Today, Siddheshwar Group is at the forefront of business excellence by adopting the core strategy of reducing product cost drastically and increasing quality by ensuring availability of all the critical components in its state of the art infrastructure, located in the industrial area of Sanaswadi, Pune. The company supports the concept of quality assurance over quality control. All the in-house facilities and its infrastructure support the theme of maintaining utmost quality of production.

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